Earn Money! Work Outside
Be in Charge! Choose Your Hours!
Use Your Soccer Knowledge!
BE A SOCCER Referee!

Potential referees can get started on their own, by doing the online certification at https://www.cnra.net/new-referee/!


To sign up to referee WESCO games, please visit the Ref Scheduler website.


To sign up to monitor WESCO Rec games, please view the schedule for availability and then email the WESCO office to sign-up.

Dear Members of Our Soccer Community

As many of you experienced, our League is constantly very impacted by a shortage of referees. Many teams had to play games with no official referee, often relying on parents courageously stepping in to fill the role. Since quality refereeing is so important to the flow and fairness of a soccer match we are very eager to correct this situation. To do this we need your help!

While a huge part of WESCO's soccer program is dependent upon volunteers (including coaching), refereeing is a paid position. This is because we place great value on having qualified and licensed referees in the soccer program. However, providing a monetary incentive is the only thing we can do; we can not force anyone to show up, and the refs we do have are already taking on many games. The only solution is to recruit more referees from within our community and that's where we need your help.

Who should become a ref?

  • The teenager with some soccer background who is looking for a side job (that looks good on college applications or resumes)
  • The parent who wants to learn the game of soccer on a much deeper level
  • The parent who may not have a child in youth soccer anymore but misses those Saturday morning clashes
  • That family friend who loves soccer and might appreciate a paid hobby
  • That parent on the sideline that already knows more than the licensed ref on the field (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

How do you become a ref?

Because we do value the importance of being qualified before officiating a league match, referees are required to obtain a license. This is done by means of taking an official course. Start the process now online at https://www.cnra.net/new-referee/. Being a referee is not easy, but there is a lot of support available from the group of current referees and it makes a huge impact on the experiences had by our many youth soccer players.

Questions about becoming a ref?

If you have questions about becoming a ref, please email referees@wescosoccer.org.