Board of Directors

Board Roles

President: Bodhi Nadler

Vice President: Marshall Vincent

Treasurer: Patrick Turner

Secretary: Tara Tate

Directors: Greg Fitch, Justin Kornfein, Dan Marincik, Jim Olvera, Steve Yob



Office Manager: Kathryn Walkley,

Director of Coaching for Rec: Megan Bloom,

Director of Coaching for Select: Brian Heacock,


League Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the WESCO Office. The beginning of League Meetings are open forum for public comments. If you are planning on presenting a request to the Board during the open forum please contact us prior to the meeting with a brief explanation and to be sure there have been no schedule changes.

Due to COVID-19, our meetings are currently being held via video conference.  If you have something to present to the board, please email

Volunteers and Other Assistance Needed

* The success of WESCO is dependent on the work of volunteers both on the field and behind the scenes. If you have any interest in helping out we have many different opportunities within the organization at all levels of experience and time availability.

* We also rely on our sponsors to help fund our equipment purchases and field maintenance. Please support our sponsors from last year and if your business is interested in sponsoring a team let us know!