Harvest Cup Tournament

It's time for the Harvest Cup this coming weekend and we are excited to finish our Recreational soccer season with our traditional tournament!


All division schedules have been added to TeamSnap for the Harvest Cup and here is the Harvest Cup Tournament Book. Be sure to read through it to learn about our tournament including the tournament rules and the many companies that have sponsored this soccer season!


Our U10-U14 divisions participates in a traditional tournament style competition with two games on Saturday, one game Sunday morning, and the possibility of a game Sunday afternoon if your team is one of the top four-point getters for the tournament. Those four teams will participate in a fourth game to compete for 1st through 3rd place in the tournament! Team scores will be updated at Tournament Headquarters at each site throughout the tournament and you must check after the last game of your bracket to see if you are participating in the final two games!


Pictures and participation awards or placement awards (as applicable) will be distributed at the Harvest Cup to your coaches who will then distribute out to families.


Please keep in mind that parking will be a challenge during the Harvest Cup as we have over 100 games happening at Ragle and our school locations.  Give yourself plenty of time to get there and consider alternatives to driving if possible! Also remember to respect our sites and only park in designated parking (be sure to read posted signs). Please remember to respect the surrounding community!


Please remember to be respectful of both the people around you and the field locations we are using. Remember that we are responsible for cleaning up after ourselves so be sure to collect all your garbage, water bottles, and chairs!

Please remember that if your Harvest Cup games are at Apple Blossom, Brook Haven, or Analy, there are NO DOGS ALLOWED!  Make sure to tell any family members that are coming to watch games!  We will be suspending game play until any dog on school grounds is removed, so please do not bring them!


No food (especially chewing gum or sunflower seeds) permitted on or around the track or turf. NO COLORED SPORTS DRINKS such as GATORADE, POWERADE, ETC.!! No pop-up tents or stakes maybe used on the turf. Metal chair legs must be protected by rubber end tips and cannot contain any jagged edges that may damage the track or artificial turf field surface. Team aluminum benches should have the rubber ends on the tubing to avoid possibly tearing the turf.


We still need volunteers for the Harvest Cup!  Please use this link through Sign-Up Genius: Harvest Cup 2022 Volunteer Sign-up so you can view and sign up for some volunteer spots.  Please sign up for more than one spot if you are able to do so. Remember, you will receive a $20 credit on next year's registration if you volunteer for just two hours! If you have trouble using Sign-Up Genius, please reach out to Michelle Nichols at shomelle@yahoo.com and she can help you sign up.


We are having a Ragle Field Workday this Thursday, October 20th from 5-7pm.  Please come help fill holes and make our fields safer for our kids! If you can bring wheelbarrows and shovels that would be great!

Concessions AT RAGLE

At Ragle there will be a snack bar run by our 2012 Select boys as a fundraiser so please come by to support them!


We’re glad so many families are out there supporting the players, however, please remember that you are there to cheer them on and not coach as we have wonderful, dedicated volunteer coaches. If you have something to discuss with your coach, please wait until after the game has ended and remember that no one is allowed to be on the field ends near the goals. Don’t forget our motto, Players Play, Coaches Coach, Referees Ref, and Parents Cheer!

Finally, thank you so much for being a part of WESCO Recreational soccer this season and enjoy the Harvest Cup!

Internal Rec tournament to end the season!

The Recreational season ends with the Harvest Cup Tournament on October 22 & 23. All age groups and teams will be included. The Harvest Cup is the closing showcase of the season. Scores will not be kept for U6 and U8 divisions.

  • U6 will play a two game exhibition on Saturday
  • U8 will play in a three games Jamboree, two on Saturday and one on Sunday
  • U10 through U14 will participate in a tournament with a minimum of three games (two on Saturday and one on Sunday) with the possibility of a fourth game on Sunday. These teams will play for 1st through 3rd place and awards.