Rec Soccer 2020: Safer Soccer @ Home

In place of our regular Recreational League, WESCO United is happy to offer a Safer Soccer @ Home online training.  This is completely free! We want kids to still be able to get out and work on their soccer skills!

Safer Soccer @ Home includes two weekly videos made by our coaches and a WESCO Bingo board for players to fill out every day they practice!

Every Tuesday & Thursday until October 29th a new video will be added and players should fill out one WESCO Bingo board to work on their soccer skills.  The Bingo board can be printed at home or filled out digitally if you do not have access to a printer.

Players should save all their Bingo boards because at the end of the season, we are planning a pickup day to reward players for completing our Safer Soccer @ Home season! Rewards will be based on the number of boards completed so the more our players practice, the more rewards!

Links to the videos for our Safer Soccer @ Home online training can be found below or by going directly to the WESCO United YouTube channel!


WESCO Bingo Board

Every day that you practice, fill out the WESCO bingo sheet by spending 30 minutes doing 5 activities in a line!

Quick description of the activities:

Ball Juggling: Work on keeping the ball in the air using your thighs and feet. For examples, see our videos on Basic Juggling for young players & Basic Juggling for older players

Toe Touches: Start with the ball between your feet and touch the top of the ball with the bottom of your feet, repeatedly alternating left and right foot. For an example, see our video on Toe Touches

Dribble Cone line: Set up a cone line and dribble the ball in a zigzag through the cones. For an example, see our video on Dribbling through Cone Line

Small Square Cuts & Pullbacks: Set up the cones in a square and practice doing small cuts and pullbacks while staying in the square. For examples, see our videos on Practicing Small Cuts & Practicing Pullbacks

Quick Turns: Dribble out with the ball then stop it quickly and turn and dribble in the opposite direction. For example, see our video on Quick Turns

Shoulder Feint: Dribble out with the ball, then drop the shoulder to fake left or fake right before dribbling in the opposite direction. For example, see our video on a Shoulder Feint

Wall or Player Passing: Practice passing with another person in the house or using a wall as another player.

Week 1

This week we will be showing some of the basic training techniques that should be done every day:

Everyday warm-up

Basic Juggling for young players

Basic Juggling for older players

Recreational Soccer

Recreational soccer provides a rich and enjoyable environment where children can be introduced to this wonderful sport in a nurturing and supportive way. In recreational soccer, children gain skills and learn the fundamentals of soccer in a low pressure, fun environment.