Youth Monitors

For our U8 division, we use paid youth Monitors to officiate the games. Many times this is the first job a child will have! Monitors must be 11 years old and are required to attend one training before the start of games.

Game Schedule

Monitors sign-up for games here!

How to sign-up for games:
This is a shared google doc for the monitor schedule. To sign-up for a game, please enter your name and the date you signed up into the doc. If you have questions about the schedule you can email

Games until September 15th are currently available to sign-up for!

Monitor Directions

The attached information sheet is designed to give you the basics of U8 soccer and also to start you on your way to understanding the Laws of Soccer. Please review this information before Monitoring!

How to get paid

Return your completed Monitor card to the WESCO office (130 S. Main St, Ste 213, Sebastopol). Cards can be left in the secure drop-box outside the WESCO office. We will pay monitors once mid-season and once at the end of the season so all cards should be returned to the office by October 31st. We pay based on the cards turned in so if cards don't get to the office, we cannot pay you! Please be sure to legibly write your name and the date & time of the game.