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The 2022/2023 Select season is happening now!

If your player is interested in making more of a commitment to soccer and possibly joining a Select team, please reach out to our Select Director of Coaching, Brian Heacock at selectdoc@wescosoccer.org.

WESCO Select Philosophy

WESCO United Select is one of possessing the ball to control the game and thus controlling the opponent.  The ball possession philosophy helps build a greater understanding of the beautiful game for players, coaches and parents.  It helps develop a holistic player in the areas of Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed.  The better a player understands the game, the more they will embrace it, enjoy it and ultimately develop from it.

Player Development

Ball possession soccer is key to player development and the lifelong enjoyment of the game.  Our player centric coaching method allows the player to have autonomy as they play.  We limit telling players what to do when they are on the ball as this only teaches compliance.  We enable our players to make decisions on their own and be creative in their soccer journeys.  Every kick of the ball should have thought behind it.

Training Methodology:

The majority of time during trainings is spent perfecting small sided games and rondos (a type of game, similar to keep away).  A player’s technique will develop within these sessions by requiring players to make decisions and execute actions under pressure.  We teach building the possession style of play out of the back starting with the goalkeeper.

Game Formations

The best game formations for possession style of play are those that create the most angled passing options (triangles and diamonds throughout the field).  When “WE” have the ball, we open up the field to create space and passing options.  When “THEY” have the ball, we get more compact as a formation and use the press, cover, balance technique.  The goalkeeper should play off the goal line to help cover the space behind the defense, playing with their feet as an offensive player to help the team keep possession of the ball.

Brian Heacock, Select Director of Coaching selectdoc@wescosoccer.org