WESCO Select Program

WESCO Select is the competitive side of our league. Unlike our Recreational program, Select teams participate in NorCal Fall League against other clubs’ competitive soccer teams and can choose to participate in regional tournaments.

Select has a longer fall playing season that typically begins in August and runs through the end of November. Coaching and training can begin as early as June or as soon as teams are organized after Select try-outs. The longer Select season provides players time to receive more formal coaching and playing time for developing their soccer skills. It’s a bigger commitment than Rec and is perfect for players looking to improve their skills through more formal coaching and have more time in competitive play.

During the fall soccer season, there can be 2-3 practice sessions each week. During the Norcal season, which begins in late August/early September and continues through mid-November, weekly games are added to the schedule. NorCal League games are scheduled for weekend days with half the season’s games at WESCO’s home fields and half within a short travel distance from Sebastopol.

All Select teams participate in WESCO’s Apple Classic home tournament and teams can choose to participate in regional tournaments. Tournaments provide teams with an opportunity to play 3-4 games over a two-day weekend.

Select teams rely on parent volunteers to help with everything from registering for tournaments to organizing fundraisers to bringing snacks to the games. It’s a great opportunity to participate in your child’s soccer activities and be part of a wonderful soccer community.


WESCO United's Mask Policy

WESCO United's policy is to wear masks to the greatest extent possible when tolerable even during play. The law currently requires masks on the sidelines, however the CDC recommends and strongly encourages the use of masks even during play. For the safety of everyone, we believe it is important for players to wear masks as much as possible even during play.