Earn Money! Work Outside
Be in Charge! Choose Your Hours!
Use Your Soccer Knowledge!
BE A SOCCER Referee!

As you probably know, WESCO United needs more referees!  You can help if you are over 13 and want to learn the Laws of The Game! We pay our referees for each game worked and provide those who complete the training class with most of the necessary gear.

WESCO does not currently have an in-person class scheduled however there are other classes around the area that you can take.  In order to attend the in-person portion of the training, you must start the process online and complete an online training which can take approximately 6-8 hours.

We provide whistles, game books (red/yellow card books), a match coin to all who complete the class.  We also provide an official referee jersey (yellow) and AR flags to those who will be refereeing with WESCO. Please join us and learn the laws of the beautiful game!

To sign up to referee WESCO games, visit the Ref Scheduler website:

Here are Recreational Referee Guidelines for the 2022 season

Referee Pay Scale

Division III (SELECT)

Birth year Division Center AR Dual Solo
2014 U9 $50 n/a
2013 U10 $50 n/a
2012 U11 $50 $25 $50 each $75
2011 U12 $50 $25 $50 each $75
2010 U13 $55 $30 $55 each $80
2009 U14 $55 $35 $60 each $80
2008 U15 $60 $40 $70 each $100
2007 U16 $60 $40 $70 each $100
2006 U17 $60 $40 $70 each $100
2005 U19 $60 $40 $70 each $100

Division IV (Recreational)

Division Center AR Dual Solo
U10 $30 n/a
U12 $35 $25 $40 each $55
U14 $40 $30 $50 each $60