COVID-19 Information

Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports

For the most up-to date information about what sports are allowed in California right now and what safety measures are required, click the link below.  

WESCO United's Mask Policy

WESCO United's policy is to wear masks to the greatest extent possible when tolerable even during play. The law currently requires masks on the sidelines, however the CDC recommends and strongly encourages the use of masks even during play. For the safety of everyone, we believe it is important for players to wear masks as much as possible even during play.

Health & Safety Action Plan

To see the WESCO United COVID-19 Health & Safety Action Plan click below:

Daily Screening

Our daily Health Screening must be filled out daily by all employees, volunteers, coaches, and participants will automatically be integrated into checking in for any TeamSnap event.

Please be sure to:

Update Team Snap app on your phone! The new Health Screening runs on the updated version. Make sure your preferences are set to notify you the day of practice so health screening can be completed.

Health Screening must be completed 1 hour before every practice.

Waiver/Release for Communicable Diseases including COVID-19

To see the WESCO United Waiver for COVID-19 click below:

Return to Play Competition Consent Form

To see the parent consent form for competition, see below:

Safe Return to Practice
Regreso Seguro a la Practica

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