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Teamsnap FAQ

New Communication Platform

West County United is excited to be utilizing a new state of the art communication platform called TeamSnap. This system will allow online registration of players, access to online game schedules, tracking of game results and team standings, and better communication across several platforms including e-mail, texts (SMS), and push notifications on personal devices. To utilize this system, each player and coach will need to be registered via TeamSnap. Please register and you'll be in better communication with your team, your coaches and managers, and your club.

Below are helpful FAQs from the past few weeks and ways to help us get the info we'll need.

I know you sent an email about an event/ game, but I cannot find it in my inbox.

Log onto Team Snap and you'll find event/ game info in the Schedule tab. Just look for the name of the event and click on the event name to see all the details.

How do I contact other players and parents?

Log onto Team Snap and you'll find contact info in the Roster tab. Parents, please confirm your contact info is complete and correct if you haven't done so.

Why aren't the Wesco League games scheduled yet?

Thanks for being patient, but it's all about field and ref availability, what both teams have on their schedule and how we can fit in the games - all as soon as Wesco unlocks them for scheduling. I'll post the exact dates and times as they're determined. Not ideal, I know, so please don't think you need to miss your grandmother's 100th birthday celebration because there may be a game (unless you need an excuse to miss the celebration...).

What's the deal with shin guards?

For games and practices, they need to be worn. They're cool - even the pros wear them.

How do I find out when I need to bring half-time snacks of sliced oranges?

I'm posting the snack schedule as games come up. Look for your name when game reminders go out and on the Refreshments tab in Team Snap.

A car pool can be very helpful to a lot of parents. Can we get one organized?

Yes! Great idea and it will be very helpful. Who would like to take this on?

My son will not be at a few practices and maybe some games. You need to know this, so how can I tell you?

Using the Availability tab in Team Snap, indicate your son's availability. Yes means he'll be there. No for when he cannot make it. Maybe if you're still not sure. I'm not great at doing this, but it is really helpful.

Please continue keeping an eye out for event reminders from Team Snap. The Event Notes section contains useful details. And thanks for making the best use of Team Snap!